Protect your Family: Know about Dengue Fever Symptoms!

Dengue is a growing problem. It is now the fastest spreading mosquito virus in the world. It spreads to new countries and new types of environments each year. In the last 50 years the prevalence of Dengue has increased by 30 times.

Dengue used to be mainly an urban problem but is now spreading to rural environments. When an outbreak of Dengue hits an urban area the mortality rate is 1%. However, when it hits a rural area, the mortality rate rises to 3-5%.

Three-quarters of Dengue victims live in Asia. India in particular is likely to be hard-hit with Dengue because more and more Indians now live in urban settings. Since there is no vaccine for Dengue, the best way to maintain dengue control is to prevent its spread. Since Dengue is spread by mosquitoes, you want to destroy any mosquito habitat that might be surrounding your property.

The mortality rate of Dengue is higher at the beginning of the outbreak, and then after the public learns what is happening and how to prevent Dengue and that if you have dengue symptoms to seek medical attention immediately, the mortality rate goes down.

There is no treatment of Dengue.  That is, Doctors and nurses cannot cure you if you get it.  However, they can increase the likelihood your survival.  Hopefully, if you get Dengue fever symptoms, there are some experienced doctors and nurses from whom you can seek medical attention.

If you catch Severe Dengue, your chance of surviving without medicare care is less than 80%. However, if you seek medical attention right away, with the first signs of Dengue symptoms, your survival chances increase to more than 99%.

The main factor in the treatment of Dengue is maintaining the body’s fluid volume. That’s because Severe Dengue is deadly partly due to the fact that it causes your plasma to leak out. Fluid accumulates in your body, so it the fluid volume must be monitored and maintained by a doctor.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue:

If you have a high fever and any two of the Dengue symptoms from the list, stop what you are doing and go to the emergency room.

If you have Dengue Fever, you only have three days to one week after your Dengue Symptoms appear before the second wave of symptoms appears.

  • a rash
  • really bad pain behind your eyes
  • a really bad headache
  • pain in your joints
  • nosebleed
  • bleeding in your gums
  • easy bruising
  • muscle pain

Preventing Dengue

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.  Dengue is spread by the female egg-laying mosquito so having buckets of water standing around your home is an invitation to egg-laying female mosquitoes, and therefor you are inviting Dengue symptoms into your home. Dengue prevention is as simple as removing the habitat for egg-laying female mosquitoes.GoodKnigh Activ

If you have a lot of solid waste (old tires, buckets, an empty sandbox, etc) that can hold water, you are inviting mosquitoes.  Dispose of junk properly by removing these man-made homes for mosquitoes.  If you collect rainwater in a barrel or buckets, cover them.  You should also empty them once a week, and clean them.

A screen on your windows will keep the mosquitoes out.  Wear long sleeves and do anything you can to kill mosquitoes around your home.

Battling the disease with the right products, such as that of Goodknight, would help in preventing and ensuring that your family’s health is safe and sound.

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