An evening of Bollywood blast: Neeraj shridhar in Manipal

Neeraj shridhar on stage with our energetic audience

Hello folks! Yet again brings you the coverage of one of the bigger events that has happened in Manipal. Amidst the ongoing MIST, KMC’s very own annual sports festival, the committee arranged us music lovers for a music embedded evening by bringing the one of BOMBAY VIKINGS very own, NEERAJ SHRIDHAR to Manipal.

The musical magnificence of the evening by neeraj shridhar
The Musical Magnificence Of The Evening By Neeraj Shridhar

Bombay Vikings is a pop and rock group that combines Indian and classical music. It was formed in 1994. The band was originally started by Neeraj Shridhar. The group caused a sensation in India as well as overseas among the Indian music community due to its unusual combination of classical Bollywood style. It has been one of the most notable musical groups in India to emerge in the past decade. It is the first group to produce songs in Hinglish, i.e., a mix of Hindi and English. This idea of combining the two languages to produce a beautiful and melodious song first came to the mind of the frontman of Bombay Vikings, Neeraj Shridhar. Nowadays, Shridhar also sings as the playback singer for many Bollywood films.
Now casting a little light on their frontman: Neeraj Shridhar is an Indian singer-songwriter who is lead vocalist of a pop and rock group Bombay Vikings. He is a popular Bollywood playback singer, music director and lyricist.[1] Bombay Vikings became popular with remix hits like “Kya Soorat Hai,” “Woh Chali” and “Chod Do Anchal”.
The evening began by the lovely performance by rj lovita
The Evening Began By The Lovely Performance By Rj Lovita
Dr abhishek mesmerized the audience with his classics like woh lamhe
Dr Abhishek Mesmerized The Audience With His Classics Like Woh Lamhe
Neeraj shridhar on stage with our energetic audience
Neeraj Shridhar On Stage With Our Energetic Audience

A much need break during this stress-filled season of examinations, it was welcome reason for many in Manipal to gather and get groovy at the evening. The concert started with the lovely Lovita from Radio Mirchi singing few of her favourite songs and then making way for KMC’s own Dr. Abhishek (participant of Indian Idol, winner of Manglore Idol, winner of Voice of Udupi to add to his list of credentials) gripped the crowd.
Then the band entertained the crowd with numbers like lat lag gayee, senorita before the awaited entry of NEERAJ SHRIDHAR who engaged, enthralled and energised the crowd with his hits like heyy babby, aye pappi, chor bazaar, love mera hit before jumping to his famous remix hit of woh chali. For those who thought that it was a airy-fairy issue, Neeraj certainly nailed it.

Written by : Kamal Subudhi
Picture credits : Rakshith Acharya

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