Pros And Cons Of Low Cost Merbau Decks

merbau deck

Merbau decking is referred to as one of the finest hardwoods. These decks have been in use for a long time and are known for their anti-decaying properties. They also have resistance to insect infestations. While deciding upon using the Merbau timber, you need to know the pros and cons of this choice. It is a hardwood decking that is considered ideal for flooring, paneling, case making, and use in musical devices.

Low-cost Merbau decks are perfect for your outdoors when bought from authentic sellers like Quality Discount Timber Melbourne. But there are specific pros and cons attached to them. Let us evaluate the same in detail.

Pros of Merbau Decking

There are numerous pros attached to Merbau decking as compared to other decks. Let us consider some of the advantages in detail:merbau

  1. Durability 

Merbau deck is made up of hardwood. It is a solid and rigid material. Though it is softer than a few local decks available in the market, it is pretty easy to work with. It is simple to use and layout the Merbau decking.

  1. Resistant to Bushfire

Merbau timber is considered to be resistant to bushfires. Therefore, it is suitable for bushfire-prone areas. It does not catch fire easily. It incorporates various woods, including blackbutt, red river gum, red ironbark, spotted gum, silver top ash, and turpentine.

  1. Appearance

Merbau deck looks attractive as its shade is held for a longer duration than other timbers.  Its appearance becomes better with time. The colors range from dark brown to reddish-brown with an ingrained design.

  1. Suitability outdoors

Merbau deck is a perfect fit for the outdoors. It is ideal for outdoor decks as it is very stable and has very low shrinkage.

Cons of Merbau Decking

There are some disadvantages associated with Merbau decks. Let us have a look at them:merbau decks

  1. Timber may turn oily

Merbau timber is sleek timber. However, it will drain tannins when wet. These resins stick to the shoes and spread all over the home. You can avoid it by purchasing reused or prepared stock.

  1. Environmental Factor

Since the growth of this species is not in our control, collecting it at this pace could lead to its extinction in the future. Therefore, you must buy the same from responsible harvesters.

  1. Costly

Since Merbau timber is hard to discover, it is sold at a higher price. In addition, a large part of the produce is imported, so the cost is higher than other available timber options.


All these factors need to be kept in mind before finalizing Merbau decking in the property. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages to reach a correct decision. The decking is great for your outdoors if you do not have a budget constraint. Go through the points and compare the quote of other varieties before making the final decision.

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