Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Pregnancy is a good time to re-examine your beauty routine – some products you have used previously may not work well with pregnancy-related changes in your skin or hair, and others may not be safe to your unborn baby.

Pregnancy can also be a great time to experiment with new products, particularly makeup. Unlike a new hairstyle that can take months to grow out, makeup can always be removed, so if you don’t like the look or the wear, it’s no big deal to wash it off and start all over.

Many women make the mistake of forgoing makeup when they are pregnant; but adding a little color to your face can give you a big boost when you’re feeling tired or hormones are doing a number on your mood.

Keep your routine simple and easy by sticking with the basics, including concealer for covering melasma or other skin conditions, foundation, a blush and a subtle lip color. If you are short on time and need to give your face a quick boost, just apply blush to the apples of your cheeks – it will give your face that just-flushed look.

Whatever your beauty routine, do what makes you feel beautiful and good about yourself. You have enough on your mind these nine months without stressing over hair and makeup!

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