The pharmacology update 2008

One of the most dynamic branch of medicine is pharmacology and therefore the departments of pharmacology of kmc-manipal , kmc-mangalore and mcops-manipal, together conduct an educational competition on recent advances in the subject.Here in each participant is supposed to choose a very recent advance which may be a novel drug or may be newer indication of an old drug or a new mechanism or anything else.

6 selected contestants from each college makes a total of 18 in the finals.So basically it is a bolus of 18 new arrivals in pharmacology in one day!!

As all good function this one was also started by prayer song and lamp lighting ceremony.

3 eminent and patient judges- 1 faculty each from surgery , plastic surgery , and medicine.Well, introduction of neutral judges was a improvisation from previous years.But they really had to work on the topics before attending finals be cause they were not professional pharmacologists.But to be frank they did a commendable job


Enthusiastic and therefore attentive spectators.They made the competition a real success.Senior faculties in front rows and postgraduates behind them.


A snap from my shot.I managed quite well as pr feedback


Contestant reaching the finals were awarded a certi


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  1. It would be unfair to say that the burden and fatigue that comes with gobbling the heavy books of medical science has conjured the poet in you. though it could have had a profound effect. Nevertheless, you have always been a poet and its a beautiful poem 🙂

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