Pendulum of Truth – Srishti Punjani


Pendulum of Truth - Srishti Punjani 1A poem about when your friends, who you think are the best people for you betray you. You are left wondering why in the sweep of change you weren’t taken along . Left getting breathless over reality , swaying in a pendulum of good and bad, friends and enemies  and lies and truth- THE PENDULUM OF TRUTH


the hundred heads in motion blur

everyday i see, i come across

claimed as too twined, too close and the best people for you

toinfuse iridescence in your dull life

to cheer you up, to make you smile

and laugh till your stomach aches

to hug you when you feel low, down , out

call you, cuddle you up like a baby

to be there to be loved by you

to share the stale food and the lame joke

Solidification! stillness ! silence !

Those heads move no more

Not more than plastic replicas of extravagance

Changing shades from black to white

Losing life, sensation , feeling

The immovable perpetual paste smile

Devoid of motion bereft of laughter

You , the only one gazing in amazement at their immobility

Not knowing what wrong you did to not be swept along

Left to stare , wonder and contemplate

Left to swing in the pendulum of truth

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  1. M gonna copy and paste it if i eve need in ma skul activitiez nd unsersigned wil B
    nt u.
    I like iT.

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