Path to clearing first B.D.S!

A new world, a new environment, new place and top of all new subjects! The first year of every course feels scary! You just don’t know what to do and how to do. Should i study from this book or the other book? Are the MBBS and the BDS text books the same?

Here , I’ll give you a few tips to clear the first bds easily! Some hard work and lot of smartness would help u pass off the year!

1- 3 subjects i.e. anatomy, biochemistry and physiology are common between MBBS and BDS. But, the textbooks are NOT THE SAME! The authors are the same, but we have a shorter, cut down version of it! A.K. Jain and Sembulingam are available as separate books for BDS and MBBS. It would be better not trying to read the MBBS one as it’s just a lot of extra, not needed knowledge!

2- ‘Clearing the first BDS – Jyotsana rao’ is not the book! It might help you pass , but not give you any knowledge about the subject. There is much contradictory stuff in the book! Better to avoid the book!

3- A.K Jain(Physiology) and Satyanarayana(Biochemistry) seem to be a lot! But, these books give you knowledge! As exam point of view MMP (Manipal Manual of Physiology) and Beena sheety(Biochemistry) will surely help you get a first class (distinction if you are lucky!) but it will just be by-hearting. No understanding! I would personally suggest you, reading through A.K. Jain and Satyanarayana the whole year through and referring the other two just for a last minute revision!


4- No choice other than B.D. Chaurasia for anatomy! Be attentive during dissection and read the textbook! More than enough! But here, never bunk Lata mam’s class! She is the best anatomy professor ever! You’ll learn a lot in her class and can get back to her for doubts too! Take down all class notes. They are the best you can refer for the subject!


5- Our major subject DA/DH! Orbans it is! But , some chapters Tencates needed too! Write down all the notes in class. They are the best you can refer for the subject!

6- No escape from carving! By hook or by crook you have to do it! Start learning, concentrating and practicing it!


7- DM, non-exam going. But, keep on taking down class notes! Will help you a lot in the next year!

8- Last but not the least. If you are not able to follow any of the above, question papers still rescue you! Refer the past 10-15 yrs. question papers. Most of the university paper is from it! You will somehow manage passing!


Failing the first year university is difficult! Just be relaxed and do stuff! All the best!

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