‘Pain full’ seminar

Illustration of the pain pathway in René Desca...Image via WikipediaThe title of my last seminar topic was ‘pharmacotherapy of pain’ which undoubtedly is one of the major concern of medical fraternity today. I tried to through some insight into how and why should pain happen.However,it so happened that this aspect (that is pathophysiolgy of pain) itself ate away most of the time and in the time bound presentation, I eventually ended up compromising with important points about therapeutic aspects. Expectedly , lack of pharmacotherapy in an MD- pharmacology seminar was heavily criticized by senior faculties. They were of opinion that understanding of pathophysiological aspects was fantastic but title doesn’t go with the content. As also said by my dad that when u r presenting something at a certain level it is taken for granted that the title and abstract are representative of the material. If the title is not befitting it defeats the whole purpose and reasons for which the audience has arrived. Very well accepted. I always learn or at least try to learn from criticisms but you know, after taking so much of pain to search and prepare content and deliver it properly especially for the topics which are a kind of difficult, one always deserves and wishes to have a word or a two of appreciation before being receptive to accept the pain of criticism!! At that point of time I realized why management of pain is important

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