Ozone treatment for healthier tomorrows

Ozone, an allotropic form of oxygen, possesses unique properties that are being defined and applied to biological systems and clinical practice. As a molecule containing a significant excess of energy, it manifests bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action through incompletely understood mechanisms, which may make ozone therapy sauna a treatment of choice in certain conditions and an adjunct to treatment in others.

A review of a large body of literature is presented, which describes a spectrum of therapeutic indications. Of these, ozone applications for superficial infection, burns, dental and intestinal conditions, and possibly circulatory problems seem to be the most promising. As regards blood ozonation, further research is indicated to delineate the nature of its dynamics and the extent of its effectiveness in

(1) the identification of the galaxy of compounds formed in this process which, in view of doses administered, by all evidence, have metabolic, immunological, endocrine and possibly neurological effects;

(2) the purification of blood or blood components for transfusion purposes;

(3) the inhibition of carcinomas with reference to the types which may be the most susceptible and to its use as an adjunct to radiation or chemotherapy; and

(4) the inactivation or the repression of viral diseases with special attention to chronic conditions of the Herpes or Retroviridae (HIV) families.

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