An Overview On Best Universities Across The Globe Which Will Give Shape To Your Dreams


With increasing competition in the job market university education is gaining importance. Skilled employees are high in demand today. For most of the careers students require to have university degrees. University education will help you to succeed and establish a strong career. A professional qualification which you acquire will be recognized and respected across the globe. University education will expose you to research and technology. Your creative thought will be encouraged when you study at a university. University education will expose you to various cultures. When you want to enroll in university education you can consider applying to the best universities across the globe.

The best universities in the globe are centers of excellence which offer you the scope to excel. They provide excellent academic environment and world-class infrastructure. Advanced teaching methods are adopted by the faculty. The following list of top universities will help you to take an informed decision.

  1. Harvard University had been established in 1636. This university aims at developing leaders who can contribute globally. Harvard University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in United States. The schools of business, medicine and law are very prestigious in Harvard.
  2. Stanford University is situated on the San Francisco Peninsula. It is a residential research university which offers quality education to students across the globe. Most of the students enrolled in this university live in on-campus housing.
  3. The University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities which has 38 constituent colleges. Oxford has the largest library system in United Kingdom. There are more than 100 separate libraries. This university is great for sports. It is a city university which does not have a main campus.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of technology is another well-known private research institution which was founded in 1861. This university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The various departments at the university lay emphasis on research and scientific education. MIT is well-known for the education which it imparts in engineering and physicals sciences.
  5. Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world. it is well-known across the globe for high quality research and outstanding academic achievement. There are 31 colleges in the university which are responsible for general welfare, personal tuition and accommodation of the students.
  6. Columbia University is one of the oldest universities in the City Of New York. It is a privately funded institution for higher studies which aims at excellence and high quality education. for undergraduate students on-campus housing is guaranteed. In 1754 this university was founded as the King’s college. Nevis laboratories in the university had been set up in 1947 where high-energy experiments and planetary observations are carried out.
  7. Yale University has been founded in 1701 and is situated in New Haven, Connecticut. It is a port city which lies close to the New York City. It is a global university today which educates leaders and has advanced the frontiers of knowledge for students across the globe. The university aims at preparing students for leadership and important roles in the world. it attracts a talented pool of students who look forward to research oriented education.

The list of top universities in the globe will help you to take an informed decision when you apply to a university. With consistent academic record and high grades you can ensure a seat in one of the top universities. You will benefit from the experienced faculty who are dedicated and leave no stone unturned in developing and motivating students. You can carve a successful career by enrolling in one of the best universities in the world.

Author Bio: Samantha Brown is a regular blogger who writes on education and academics. To know more about the best universities you can refer to her blogs.

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