One Day- Entry no 15 (Paranormal Romance)

Ever since her sister got engaged Mia was feeling left out. All that frustration she grumbles out to her best friend Charles.  One day, few weeks before the wedding Mia finally summons up the courage to ask Charles something she wanted to for a very long time. She asks him why they can’t be together. Charles responds with a polite smile and says “You know why, Mia”.

For the next few weeks leading up to the wedding Mia didn’t see Charles. Charles realizes that he can’t keep Mia from living her life. He realizes that he had to let her go. Let her let him go.

On the day of the wedding, Mia looks around for Charles. After the wedding as everyone was making their way to the reception hall, she sees Charles in a suit waiting there for her.

She first thinks he’s come there to be with her but as soon as she sees his face she realizes that his intentions were different.

Charles: “I think you know why I am here”

Mia:  “I wish I didn’t”

Charles: “This has to stop Mia .You know that. One day, one day… Till then, I want you to live your life in the real world with real people. I can’t keep you from it anymore. I love you; I want you to know that”.

Mia hugs her friend, her first love for that last time. She walks out of the church. She went behind the church, to the cemetery. She stood there in front of a tombstone that read Charles. 3 years after his death, she wasn’t ready to let go. But now she had to. She had to let go of his spirit.

One day. They would be together .Till then she had to let go.

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