Now You See Me – A Review

The movie begins with J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) practicing a card trick in front of a mirror. In the background, a voice intones:

“Come in close. Closer.

Because the more you think you see, the easier it will be to fool you.

Because, what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re really doing is filtering. Interpreting, searching for meaning. My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me – your attention – and use it against you.”
Card Trick
And with that, I was hooked.

At 45, East Evan Street, New York, four magicians meet each other after following the instructions on a mysterious tarot card they receive. They are given a blueprint for an elaborate plan in which they play the crucial part of being the showmen – The Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen giving their first performance

The Four Horsemen perform three shows. The first one becomes a phenomenal success, following which they are targeted by the FBI and the Interpol for their reckless act (I won’t spoil the movie for you by telling you what it was). By cleverly duping the government agencies, they manage to escape and host another show. By this time a trademaster in the art of magic, Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman), who specializes in exposing the secrets of magicians, is also on their trail.

Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus
Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus

As the police and Thaddeus try to stop the Four Horsemen from performing tricks on the world (think large-scale), these magicians just gain more popularity because of their fantastic acts. As the movie progresses, the government agents come to understand the way the Four Horsemen operate and they prepare themselves for the ultimate nabbing operation – which is coincidentally the third and final act of the Four Horsemen. Do the Four Horsemen manage to escape the third time too? And why did they follow the instructions on the blueprint in the first place? Watch and find out.

There are enough twists in the plot of the movie to keep you glued to the edge of your seat. (Wouldn’t recommend popcorn for this one, you’ll be too engrossed in the movie to remember to chew!)The few sentences spoken in the beginning of the movie – in essence, they highlight the movie too. Why? Because the climax is just so staggering; later, you’ll think – now why didn’t I see that coming?

In retrospect, the story itself is a big, magnificent trick directed by Louis Leterrier which you unknowingly become a spectator to. The title, Now You See Me, is so apt. You realise you were being fooled all the while. Now I’m waiting for a sequel – a possible Now You Don’t?

The cast of Now You See Me
The cast of Now You See Me

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