Nostalgia – A Poem


It‘s not holding on to your past

Neither the fear of going ahead too fast.

It’s your great moments calling you out from behind

As their memory turns faint in your mind.

It’s time to just sit and rewind

Those lessons, tears and smiles you’ll definitely find.

It’s your own treasure box, take it along

Pick all what’s in it there, the list is quite long.

Let the song play and take you into that day

It’s like the beloved refreshing morning sun ray.

Hope you realize the present’s a gift

Not for comparing with the past, leading both into a rift.

No need to hide

When you find yourself smiling inside.

It’s that rib tickling moment you shared with them

Or the stupid fights that had once lead to mayhem.

It’s all your own, you’re never alone.

Make that phone call, write to them that long pending message

You’ll find in the memory lane your same old passage.

Nostalgia, a humane emotion

Explore and enjoy while you sail across this fine ocean.

About the Author: This poem is written by Harshit Goyal. Harshit is a final year student of Aeronautical Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal. As a final year engineering student set to bid goodbye to Manipal, Harshit Goyal tries to define the term nostalgia in a poem. One of the most common human emotion, it’s also one which is not handled very well by some.This thus is an encouragement to use one’s nostalgia in a positive and useful way.

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