My Love Is You – A Poem by Prayas Mittal

I got my love,
when I thought of you.
Something you have,
That I like in you.
You gave me a chance,
To have your glance.
My work I hindered,
To touch your finger.
 silhouette of a guitar player
I play my guitar,
And so you do.
I touch your finger,
When wrong you do.
I want to be yours,
You may never know..
Your care I do,
Which I never show.
Still if you say,
I may tell what i want.
But promise me to care,
That’s all, what I want.
I will hurt you never,
The promise is mine.
I will love you ever,
And show my, heart of divine.
The first time you called
Me, with care and love.
That word I remember,
That was ‘Hey’ with love.
You come in my dreams,
And talk to me.
Please think at once,
Don’t you care for me.

About the Author: Prayas Mittal is a budding poet from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. You can read more of his poetry at The World of Poetry.


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