Persistent Resistance – Manoj Kini

If given a chance to do
I would choose to run far,

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far away from this world,
world of ignorance, hatred.

What bliss amidst souls, taut,
rid of feelings, expression find
no meaning, understanding,
far from the line of sight.

If given a chance to do
I would like a glance back
few moments that changed,
changing the entire course.

What gain in dreaming of the past,
things finished, feelings drowned by.
Nothing but heavy emotional drain,
with searing pain of burning memories.

Fortunate or unfortunate, I am in a fix
Running away, I find is an impossibility,
nor can I change those things of the past,
those crucial moments, pained memories.

I have learnt a lot to understand,
the only feasible solution is to face it.
Running away shall serve no purpose
for I chose it, acting upon it by my will.

I shall persist, clinging on
best of times I shall have
I shall finally sort it all out
a solution to everything I shall.

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