Movie Review: Humble Politician Nograj

“You bribe, you bunk classes, you sleep at work, but why is it a problem if we do the same,” asks Danish Sait in and as Humble Politician Nograj.

The ‘Kanglish’ movie is a high satire on today’s political landscape riddled with corruption and how politicians manipulate the populace into voting the corrupt despite knowing they are so. In a movie so full of twists and turns and slapstick humor that has the audiences bursting out of their seats clapping and cheering for the corrupt lead, as an ironic reflection of how the society as a whole votes for the corrupt because, in Nograj’s own words, “Tell them what they want to hear, and they’ll vote for you.”

A movie can be both, entertaining and have a message at the same time and especially in a black comedy with many absurdities such as this one, the makers should be careful which section of the society they want to reach. The Director, Saad Khan manages to strike an even chord between both of these movie goers with a indelible mix  of both. Danish brilliantly brings to life his titular creation in his debut flanked brilliantly by his radio compatriots, Lavanya and Monjunath each playing their parts perfectly. The waste management issues that plague the city, the water mafia, the frequent power cuts, all find a place in the movie where the shady Nograj looks to make a quick buck and pave the way for his political aspirations, that make you laugh and think about these issues at the same time.

Powerful performances and an ensemble cast with many big names making special appearances did less to improve the not so subtle unpleasantries of the film with the issues of slum dwellers and homosexuals that could have been avoided altogether.

The delivery and the editing of the film, are flawless however with signs of ‘The Great Dictator’ inspired dialogue and scenes reminiscent of an old time comedy where the protagonist knew he was corrupt, the audience knew he was corrupt but couldn’t help but feel bad when he was on the receiving end of karma.

A very entertaining satire in all, with stellar reviews coming in from everywhere Humble Politician Nograj has been yet another wave in the fast resurging Sandalwood film industry that movie buffs will throng to theaters to watch and talk about for weeks to come.


Humble Politician Nograj is screening on Bharat Cinemas and Inox Manipal from the release date of 12th January, 2018.

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