Movie Review: Gravity – It Won’t Let you “down”!

“DON’T LET GO” is the tagline of the movie “Gravity” which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. It was released in 3-D on 11thOct,’13  in India and got us all lining up at the theatres, waiting with bated breath to find out, was it worth the wait? Well,I’d gladly say yes! Definitely was more than worth it for me.

gravity-movie-review-space-earthThis movie transports you to a different world so effortlessly, you’d be clutching into your seat before you know it. Achieved by seamlessly merging live action with the most advanced visual effects technology especially developed for this film, Gravity takes us to outer space in a way that no movie has before. The opening scene of the film shows Dr.Ryan Stone (portrayed by Sandra Bullock) trying to fix something in the Hubble Space Telescope while Project Commander Matt Kowalski (portrayed by George Clooney) stirs up hilarious quips with Mission Control in Houston. They go on doing their job as a routine in the space scenario until they are informed of  oncoming debris from a Russian satellite explosion, which destroys their shuttle, leaving  the two astronauts stranded in space


Using his camera masterfully, Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron takes us to the heart of the action, when Stone’s harness snaps and she’s spinning aimlessly in space, prepare to be nauseous. Her effort to survive this hostile terrain on her own, when one after the other everything she tries fails. At a point in the film she gives up and just listens to a lullaby sung by a man on some radio station on earth. But she does fight and rise up again eventually. Clooney exuberates confidence and calmness, a nice foil to Bullock’s permanently tense demeanor. There are several scenes in the movie that’ll make you think, introspect, and ask yourself serious questions about life. All in all, you’ll be feeling as emotionally challenged as the sole survivor of the space explosion. I’d go for 4 out of 5 stars for this movie. The acting  is simply outstanding, and you couldn’t ask for  more believable visuals. The only let downs of the movie I felt were: It runs for 90 minutes and when it ends you’re left waiting for more, you need to really pay attention while you’re watching the movie so that you get the jokes and understand what the characters are doing in the movie.

Great way to spend an evening, but not for people who like to  leave their brains outside the theatre. Hope you guys enjoy it!:-)

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