Mother – Poem by Utkarsh Tripathi

Mother+ +Utkarsh+Tripathi
Image: Diganta Talukdar

You were there for me,when i was feeling down;
Still there for me,when good times came around;
You were the one who taught me to walk;
My little feet were powerless ma,you were my supporting rock;

I still remember the the time,back when i was five;
We used to sit together relaxing in the twillight;
You used to teach me stuff that would help me in school;
I used to drift away but you always kept your cool;

Then time started passing,I started growing older;
My wants became my needs,and my actions grew bolder;
Sometimes I acted strange,did things just to piss you off;
But you forgave me silently,without a scowl or scoff;

I wonder though sometimes,and take some time to think;
If my actions used to irk you,or your heart used to sink;
For a reason i always gave you,whether it was day or night;
caus as i grew older,I started having fights;

And still you tried to change yourself,But now i have realised;
The faults were all in me ma,and yet it was you who sacrificed;
I used to be a bad boy,But now you see i’ve changed;
Traversing through the sands of time,even i find myself strange;

But now that I’m old and strong enough to face it;
I’ll face my demons here,too long i’ve stayed implicit;
I thank you dear mother for being their by my side;
For being my careful mentor,A symbol where peace resides;
For all thats good in me,Is all because of you;
And all thats not so good,is caus i neglected you…….

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