Most Excuses Not Original

“I got snowed-in during a blizzard in Shimla and couldn’t make it back in time!”
This excuse for absence is just one of the unique ones used by Manipal students.
Another is “My friend got busted for possession of illegal drugs and I was afraid to go outside because I might get busted too.”
“I couldn’t turn in my homework because my house caught fire and the only room that burned down was the one with my homework.”
Most students, an instructor said, are not original. They give the same old excuses that I’ve heard before. Once in a while, however, a student will give me an excuse that is creative. “For instance, a student told me that the reason he missed class was that his Uncle had died in Switzerland and he had to leave the country.”

An chemistry professor said that any excuse you can make up “I’ve heard.” Some examples of unconforming excuses are: “I was living with my girl friend and I wanted to leave her, so instead of sneaking all my possessions out of the apartment, I decided to tell her. She got so mad that she locked me out of the apartment and wouldn’t let me in to get my homework.”
“Besides unique excuses, I’ve heard the common ones, like having to see a doctor,” he said. “The thing is, it’s amazing how many students get sick whenever I mention that there will be a test given . . . ”
“Sometimes it’s hard to keep from bursting into laughter when I hear some of the excuses students tell me,” a pharmacology professor said. “For instance, a student told me that she missed the test because she had to take her cat to the veterinarian. Another is. ‘I was so busy doing community service that I couldn’t
attend class’.”
“What makes it even funnier,” according to the instructor, “is that most students keep a straight face while they are telling me the story.”
For example, a KMC Mangalore student said that she couldn’t attend class because her boy friend didn’t pick her up. He has a new girl friend. One student said, “I’m getting married in a few days, and this class can wait.”
“I will accept any excuse a student gives me,” said a psychiatry instructor.”I have no reason to doubt the story of a student, because it could be true.”
“For instance, some of the unique ones I have accepted are. ‘My niece
dryed all her nappies on my homework and then for some unknown reason, she tore It up.’ Another KMCite said that he got so loaded the night before, that he forgot where he left his books.”
“The most common excuse used is a death in the family, and I will even accept that one; however, there’s a limit to how many deaths in the family I allow a student to have during a semester.”

So what’s your excuse?

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