Where does my money go in Manipal?

Expenses in Manipal

Not even midway to the month and you are already low on cash. Don’t know where it got all spent? Well, here is a list of things on which you might have spent your money. Necessary or unnecessary, you are the better judge.Expenses in Manipal

 Morning Travelers

If you’re staying in 16th, 17th or 19th block, sometimes you feel too tired walking uphill. So, you tend to take an auto to the college.
Min Fare = Rs.25
Advice: Don’t do it. Walk with your friends. You won’t even realize the time.

The 10 am break

The late nights don’t let you wake up on time for your morning breakfast. MIT cafeteria comes to your rescue at that time. Though it is pretty cheap, but you end up spending around Rs.50 once you enter.
Advice: Have a samosa or aalu bun from the shop next to Om Xerox. You will be done in maximum Rs.20.

Friends hangout

Mess food becomes boring after a month. Going out and having dinner at different restaurants is the only option left. Try out different restaurants but before you go, get an idea of the cost. Too costly, implies take more friends so that you end up spending less individually.

Advice: Saiba, Dollops, Golden Spoon are pretty decent restaurants. Do try food from Northy mess and Suresh mess. Rs.50 a thaali gives you unlimited and very delicious food.

  Alcohol and Cigarettes

Freshers party and going to Open Bars (OBs) with friends every other day makes you spend at least Rs.500 to Rs.600 every occasion. No, you won’t get discounts if you are their regular customer. Do not even try and mess with people around you when you are drunk. You might end up at KMC. Also, an important point is that a drunk girl is not an opportunity but a responsibility.

Solution: Join a club of your interest so that you busy in club work during evenings.

Smoking is not just injurious to your health put now to your pockets too. A cigarette costs Rs.10 now and depending on how much you smoke, you can calculate how much you have spent.

Advice: If you are really very addicted, buy a pack and not individual smokes. They come cheaper but beware of the regular checking that might happen in your hostel blocks.

P.S. I am not promoting smoking. Smoking seriously KILLS.

Books, drafter and other stationary items

You want to buy books? Kamath book house is the right place to go. That man there knows exactly what you will need for your entire sem. You can trust him with all the advice he gives. If you know how to speak kannada or tullu then talk to him in that language. He might give you a discount. You might end up spending around Rs.2000. Good thing is that, after the semester, you can give the books back and take half the money back.

As far as drafters are concerned, rumors are that from this year there will not be EG but CAD so ask your professor before buying a drafter.

A calculator is a must for an engineering student. Go for CASIO fx-991ms (Rs.600) or fx-991es (Rs.845). If you already have one at your home, bring it here but make sure it’s not programmable.

You will have 6 theory subjects. Try and maintain a separate notes register for each and try not using those 6 in 1 diaries. Registers will cost you around Rs.150 to Rs.200 but it will be worth it.

Solution: Issue books from library. You can issue two books at a time for 14 days and you can also get a third book (for the whole semester) from book bank.

Advice: Do buy one of either DSC / B.S.Grewal from Kamath Book house because they get issued very soon in the library. Also buy a calculator from home and come here because they are expensive over here. Better option, buy from flipkart or Amazon

 Exam time? No notes?

This is a very common problem which most of the students have. If you come under this category, then Om Xerox akka is your savior. She will have all you need. If you need a soft copy of the slides, ask only your immediate senior and not super seniors as the syllabus and course tend to change.

If you have absolutely no notes, you end up spending around Rs.250 on photocopies.

Solution: Make notes. It will help you score better too. Too tech savvy? Take pictures of notes and study from pictures (seriously not recommended).

 Class Party

All you cool people will pool in money to have a class party but there will be one person who is business minded and will try to get profit out of it.  If a booking is made for around 35-40 people minimum, a class party won’t cost you more than Rs.300 per head including food and DJ. The cost will go down if more people come in.

 3G Dongle

People tend to buy a dongle because WiFi speeds by college do not keep them satisfied. Well, it’s highly unnecessary. Speed in hostel blocks is pretty decent (around 200-250kbps)

Advice: Contact the administration and get a LAN wire installed in a room for better speeds if you are facing problems.


For boys, giving all your clothes to laundry might be a bad option. Undergarments can be washed in your own hostel. Don’t feel ashamed in washing it. Everyone does it. Clothes can be dried on a rope inside your room.

For Girls, you have a very nice facility of washing machines in your hostels. However, it’s not less than a fight when it comes to who will wash the clothes first.

Advice: For boys, ask your girl-friends to wash some of your jeans/shirt in the washing machine. It will save you some money.


Taking auto all the way to Malpe/Kaup Beach is not a very good option. Take a bus from Tiger Circle to Udupi and from Udupi Bus stand you will find plenty of buses going to beaches. Auto will cost you around Rs.150 for one side while you end up spending around Rs.30 in a bus.

Advice: Don’t go to the beach in the rains. There have been a lot of death cases of MIT students who got drowned. They all were good swimmers.

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