MIT Hosts spectacular Model UN

For the first time in Manipal, a Model United Nations (MUN) summit was held at the inter-collegiate level. this summit is part of the golden jubilee celebration of Manipal Institute of Technology and took place between 10th and 12th October.

MUN is a simulation of the United Nations organization that aims to educate participants on civic affairs, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. In a model UN conference students take up roles as diplomats and participate in dual sessions of Inter governmental procedure. the participants or delegates are allotted a country and take on roles as diplomats to investigate international issues, deliberate, consult and then develop solutions to world problems.

The main theme of Model UN is a mock parliamentary session in which each delegate is to represent their allotted country. the MUN, Summit Manipal, has only the general assembly plenary and discussed two issues; the climactic change and the destruction of the environment due to technical advancement and nuclear related issues. Nuclear Disarmament, nuclear waste disposal etc. were some of the related topics on the agenda.

Participants included students from different fields including Medicine,engineering, law IT, communication, arts, science and commerce. This year student delegates from all over the country including, Delhi,Mumbai,Hyderabad,Bangalore,Pune,Bhopal,Kolkatta,Mangalore and Manipal took part in the summit.

MUN originally started in the United States. It was introduced at school level in India in 2001. Ivy League colleges in the United States hold such conferences at frequent intervals.

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