Come out and celebrate..REVELS 2011

When was the last time you saw whole of MIT together?. When did you see students at their highest enthusiastic level? When did you last got 4 half days in a row, just to enjoy the evening shows?. When was the last time you played hell lot of games and ate amazing food??
Certainly the answer to all above questions is during Revels 2010, but now the times are changing with again a new batch welcomed at MIT, Revels 2011 promises to be a remembering cultural fest of their first year. With approximately 700 teams registered, this time Manipal is seriously going to rock, but is incomplete with all the hard work pulled in by our fellow MITians.

The last spring saw Parikrama, the most renowned band of India, welcoming the spring and this time the fallen leaves shall come to life when Them Clones and Faridkot play their strings. “Colours” is the theme for Revels 2011 with the slogan “split the spectrum in you” and so like all years , this time again is to show your true colours. It’s a 4 day long fest comprising of multiple events regarding various categories including sports, arts , music, poetry and extra fun activities. The best part being that all of it’s free. Only a delegate card required only for participating in various events.
MIT has lived up to the theme. India’s greenest college campus suddenly turned into multi-coloured campus, with colours all around. Colourful road paintings with a touch of attitude describe our enthu for the fest. Huge oil pastels have been placed near the girls block. Football ground and cricket pitch are also geared up to host sport events. Multi-coloured banners are put up in time throughout the campus. I myself was in the publicity team, I can assure you that publicity has been done to a larger extent this time with coming up of creative minds over the campus. The fest budget is again larger than before, which asides the rumours that the budget is in sufficient.
College bands, dance groups and dramatics club have been practicing since weeks to put this show a grand success and MIT wasn’t looking like a technical institute since then with all you can see students engaged in cultural activities. The show starts up with a beautiful opening ceremony on 8th.
Check out the amazing website
Manipal is celebrating a four day long festival; everybody will be there to witness yet another extravaganza …what about you??

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