Meri Maa Pyaari Maa.. Mumma

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With a piece of sponge in her hand, she was busy cleaning her house. She had no time to change her clothes,
perhaps she was comfortable in her crumpled cotton dress. She had no time to groom her hair either,they were just clutched up untidily.

While cleaning the lobby, her college time photograph, kept in the showcase there, suddenly caught her
attention. In the photo, she could see herself as a slim smartly dressed girl with a radiant face, twinkling eyes & a perfect smile. Also, she could see, a reflection of her present self in the showcase glass, a worried wrinkled face, corpulent body & grey hair…….

She was lost in deep thoughts, & her tense face was now looking more wrinkled. She felt that over the years, spending her life as a housewife, she has lost that radiant beauty that twinkle of her eyes & all her charm, for a
moment she felt she had lost everything………

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soothening music, the music of the wind chimes in her house, of which,
her daughter was pretty fond of. She looked that side & saw her daughter – beautiful, well dressed. The wind was playing with the chimes as well as with the curls of her daughter’s hair. She could now see her own youth in her daughter & her face was a bit relaxed.

In the mean time her husband came with a toy for their little son, he kissed her forehead started with, Hi
Honey……… and continued. He handed over the toy to her while talking. Her little son came running to
get his toy from her & clinged to her. A feeling of contentment was now seen in her eyes & on her face. She
smiled. She now knew she has a perfect family & she has EVERYTHING.


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