So how are you relaxing this Vacation?

Relaxing during Vacation time

For most people, the year begins in January and ends in December. These are the true people who at the end of the year sit down to stop and think of all that has happened during the year. At this point they see what they have accomplished and often make resolutions to improve where improvement is needed.

In the case of MIT, Manipal Students, the end of the year comes in June. At this time we evaluate where we feel the need for improvement. they also see what they have accomplished. This is something that has to be done in order to be able to come back in August with a little more enthusiasm to be ready to work.

Summer and the early monsoon season is a good time to think about what to do next August. It’s a greal time to see where one can improve and where one can put one’s self on the back.

This is also a great time to relax and enjoy whatever is happening around us. We all know that getting back to school after a break isn’t easy and coming back from vacations at home/internship is no exception. In some cases, it is even harder. The vacation months are time when we can rest up and get ready to come back in full swing in the following semester.

Everyone has their own way of relaxing. For some people going out and partying means relaxing, for others, traveling is a learning experience and the same time it is relaxing. Other people enjoy staying home and watching soap operas and that is what lets them unwind.

However anyone wants to do this you should get some lime to relax, a student does deserve some time to rest. We work hard all year long so we do deserve some time for ourselves.

At any rate, one likes to find some time to relax and enjoy and unwind to be ready to come back and wind outselves back up when the fall comes and with it School.

So how are you relaxing this Vacation? Do let us know!

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