Memories From the End Point !

I just can’t get enough of this place. I had never expected to find such a place in Manipal. Though I hail from Brahmavar, I have not seen the places around here. So it was really a pleasant surprise for me when i came across this inspiration of nature.
I try to visit this place often and generally Jog up here. The morning breeze invigorates my senses and the calm soothes my mind. Generally during early morning there is no one at this place and helps me contemplate my actions of the previous day. I clicked a few snaps of the place when i visited with Prabhav earlier.When i go jogging it is generally dark and the shimmering moonlight on the swarna river is a breathtaking spectacle. Unfortunately i can’t capture it on my Digital camera as it is not a fully featured one, to capture the magic of the moonlight. The ominous nimbus clouds are dominant at present as it is The monsoon season here and generally creates a havoc. Once in a while it clears up enough for a stroll.

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