The Memoirs of My Memories by Kabir Jain

Memories noted,unnoted,sweet,bitter,old and young
In mind, in words, in frames there they hung
Of our times eternal in history,ballads so clearly they sung
Future is never the facade of memory, how you wish it to be flung

In every parent’s eyes I see tinkling stars
Some unfulfilled aspirations well not as apparent as ours’
Must unravel the stories of past and present
To fathom the moments which someday were so incessant

Knowing the past does take some efforts
It opens for the one who most lovingly asserts
Relive the glories and despair again
For these experiences will never ever go in vain

Teaming with lessons that have a twist of tale
Like a divine elixir from the pure holy Grail
For all the new journeys upon which you set sail
Like close people, the memoirs of memories will hail…

Kabir JainAbout the Poet: Kabir Jain is currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated Programme in Management from IIM, Indore. He’s 18 years old and penning down thoughts is a medium of venting out his emotions and a way of perceiving the happenings around the world.

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