Mastering Art of the Makeup

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Let’s face it – not everyone was born a makeup artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a fabulous face on your own. Here are some must-have tips for a flawless face:

  1. STRETCH IT OUT After you’ve coated your lashes with mascara, add one more coat to only the outer corners. The extra layer will make the eyes look elongated.
  2. HEAT IT UP If your mascara seems dry or drained, revive it by placing the closed tube in hot (not boiling) water.
  3. LINE YOUR BORDERS To keep lipstick from creeping outside the natural lip line, trace just outside the perimeter of your lips with a sharpened concealer pencil that matches your skin, and then blend it with a cotton swab or concealer brush.
  4. SUSTAIN A STAIN To avoid reapplying lipstick every ten minutes, try a natural lip stain and let it set. Follow with a coat of clear gloss. The shine will wear off but the color will stay.
  5. AVOID ZOOMING IN When applying concealer, NEVER use a magnifying mirror – it will only cause you to over apply. Use a regular mirror instead.
  6. WASTE NOT If you run out of concealer, try using cream or stick foundation, or the slightly dried-out liquid that gets stuck in the cap of the foundation bottle.
  7. SPLIT DECISION If you’re trying to decide between two shades of foundation, go with the slightly darker one. An application of powder will lighten up the color.
  8. ERASE MISTAKES Remove excess foundation or powder from your face by patting the area with a clean, dry makeup sponge.
  9. MAKE IT LAST Eye shadow that is used as eyeliner lasts longer than a pencil. To apply it, dampen a flat eyeliner brush and dip it into powder shadow. Place the brush at the lash line and move from the outer corner in.
  10. PREVENT PROBLEMS To prevent eye infections when lining the inner rim of your eyes, use a pencil instead of a liquid, which contains more bacteria. Sharpening the pencil to create a clean, fresh surface before each use will also help avoid infection.
  11. WIPE IT To remove smudged eye shadow, put a small amount of moisturizer on a Q-tip, and gently dab the area.
  12. DUST OFF If you accidentally apply too much blush, go over the area with translucent loose powder or a cotton ball. (Makeup remover will cause streaks and tissue will leave fuzz.)

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