Manipal University Jaipur: An Unbiased Review

Just like any college, Manipal University Jaipur has much to offer to those that wish to walk its corridors. Don’t judge this book by its cover.

As we are on the page of pros and cons of our college, disclaimer: These are words of those people who have spent more than a year at this college, and the views are not biased.

What are the Positives of Manipal University Jaipur?

  • MoUs with many reputed international colleges
  • Atal Incubation Centre (with brand new technology and more yet to come): This is a unique cooperation between Manipal University Jaipur and AIC, to which our college is providing with complete response and importance. Encouraging students to take part and evolve.
  • Immense focus on Research
  • Promotion/Encouragement of student-based projects
  • Faculty involvement with students (TG Program): Which provides one-on-one feedback and response amongst the teachers and the students. Proving to be very beneficial as it acts as support, counseling, and a way to get to know the faculty better. The student-teacher ratio in Manipal University Jaipur is far better than most other universities. With just around 50 students in a class, the classroom atmosphere becomes very comfortable and also helps teachers to give individual attention to students, if needed.
  • Young Faculty: many teachers in our faculty department are in the younger age group. With that comes more knowledge, understanding, and open-mindedness for situations. It is more comfortable, encouraging, and quite fun to learn in the environment provided under their guidance. But that shouldn’t shed any negative light on the older faculty. They are also as open-minded and ready to help as any other faculty you might encounter.
  • Seminars
  • Workshops: Provided by companies like Microsoft have already taken place in the past, more are to follow.
  • International Conferences: such as SMART IOT SYSTEMS (SSIC 2019) have already occurred, there are more to come in the future.
  • Campus: If you see the campus, hostel, and mess facilities, then there is no comparison to MUJ as it has one of the best infrastructures among Indian engineering colleges. It has Griha as well as Leed Platinum Rating awards.
  • Extra-Curricular: We have our own Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, and Volleyball team.
  • Clubs: MUJ not only focuses on academics but gives importance to having a unique coding culture leading to the very active technical societies, be it IEEE, Google’s Developer Student Clubs, or Manipal University Jaipur ACM Student Chapter which is the second best ACM Student Chapter in India, Wings (Drones Club) and some more. Non-technical clubs include our drama society (Cinefelia), music society (TMC), philosophy (Sophia Club), literature society (LITMUS), dancing society (Choreographia and Flash Mob) and so on.
  • Diversity: The crowd at MUJ is far better. There are people from all over India studying together, giving you a chance to get to know diverse cultures.
  • Placement: Placements at MUJ, seeing it’s been just 8 years, are far better. The college has already seen big names like Microsoft, Amazon, DirectI, Dell and many more and this is only improving year after year. Placements are developing and decent because our college is relatively new and has had just 4 batches which have passed out now, and it’s beginning to make a name for itself. However, to stand out from the herd, you must be willing to develop your skills and snatch whatever opportunities are provided to you by the college or by the technical clubs within the college. We have had companies like Microsoft and Dell recruiting the students, but they have intense coding rounds, and competitions through which they shortlist their candidates, so to be employed, you will have to participate in the contests organized within college(codeathon, hackathon, etc.) and also participate in more of them by yourself.
  • Online Courses: Manipal University Jaipur has taken the initiative to provide COURSERA accounts to all its students. This is very beneficiary to those that want to broaden their skill level.
  • Semester-ly Feedback Forms: In almost all the Indian Universities, there’s a gap between the company’s requirements and what the college curriculum offers us. MUJ is doing its part to improve this scenario. The college curriculum is developing every year, and it’s getting better year by year by carefully examining the overall performance of the students and by taking proper feedback from the students for the changes in the same. Manipal University Jaipur’s curriculum is revised and improved every year to match the current industry standards.

What are the Cons of Manipal University Jaipur?

  • Manipal University Jaipur lies a little farther than the principal city of Jaipur. It takes approx. 40 to 50 minutes depending on traffic.
  • New College in comparisons to other names such as IITs, NITs, BITS, etc.
  • Still in the developing phase
  • Placement statistics don’t go that high, however, if you work hard, you will create an opportunity for yourself to be hired by companies such as Microsoft or Dell right from Manipal University Jaipur.
  • For tournaments, you will have to ask the teachers for the attendance which you get it eventually.
  • OLA and Swiggy are yet to make Manipal University Jaipur their destination.
  • Having to use the SUBWAY created underground, early morning every day
  • Taking Mess membership is necessary when residing in the hostel.
  • Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable
  • The college curriculum is still developing every year. It’s getting revised annually by carefully examining the overall performance of the students and by taking proper feedback from the students for the changes in curriculum, teaching method, problems incurred during the year, etc.

About the Author: This article is taken from a post in the MUJ Freshers group and written by Aaryan Jandyal.

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