Hostel Life at Manipal University Jaipur – Amazing!

College to theek hai, par Hostel life kaisi hai?

Since all of you are done with the counseling and are interested about Hostel stuff here’s a list of stuff that might help you out.

Also read: Manipal University Jaipur FAQs- Things to bring for the fresher.

Eating Outlets

Inside the Hostel campus

  • Login : Multicuisine restaurant
  • Saras : Dairy (&fruits) related products + Shakes/Juicies + loads of stuff
  • Kebab Nation : Kebabs and stuff
  • Tandoor : They’ve got North Indian food
  • Delight Juices : Shakes/Fruits/Eggs/Chicken/Maggi and related stuff
  • Chatkara : Indian cuisine food and stuff
  • South Indian : Do I need to explain this?
  • Yo-Zing : Chinese cuisine
  • All Mart : MUJ’s Walmart
  • Crazy Chef : Burgers, Chicken related stuff and a really big menu
  • Zaika : Alternative of Tandoor
  • Pizza Hut : Uhm…Pizza Hut?
  • Dialog : Café that’s better than Pizza Hut
  • Let’s Go Live : Omelettes/Pasta/Lasagne
  • Cruncheez : MUJ’s KFC
  • Dev Sweets : Shakes/Cakes/Sandwiches/Burgers
  • Tea Tradition : Pastas/Pizzas/Tea(obviously)
  • Chilling Point : Similar to Dev and Delight
  • Health Bar : Gym walo ke liye
Ok ok, enogh about outlets, I’m a night person. Raatko bhookh lagi to kya karu?
  1. Keep stuff packed in your room, just in case if you end up with a midnight food crisis (which you definitely will)
  2. Make friends who can share their food in a crucial time like that.
  3. If you aren’t good with storing food or don’t have good friends, don’t worry. We’ve a Night Canteen as well. It operates during 11PM-1:50AM where you can order food from like 3 outlets. Student Council is working towards adding more Outlets!

In College Campus

  • Munchies
  • TeaPost
  • Saras
  • Nescafe (that’s we call it)
  • That’s Eat

Holy Thadi

Can’t really describe this place lol. Khaake dekho fir hi pata chalega.

Hostel Life at MUJ: Places to Hangout? (written by someone who doesn’t hangout much)

Near Campus Area
  • 0008
  • Highway King
  • Cross Roads Cafe

Campus Area se koso door

Jaipur: TONS OF DIFFERENT PLACES. If you’re into movies, Jaipur has Cinepolis, Raj Mandir, INOX and a few more theatres. Most of them are equidistant, Cinepolis is best though.
Ajmer and Pushkar: Assuming you like to travel, these 2 places are closest.
Means of Transport
Rent a Cab/Auto/2-wheeler
We’ve a Cab service inside the Hostel, and loads of Cab/Auto bois outside the Hostel as well!
Nightouts: The authorities don’t really allow Nightouts. You can get a Latepass signed tho, I don’t know it’s exact use.
Daily Stationary Requirements:  It would be funny if someone comes up with this question. First thing, just steal your friend’s stuff (assuming you have friends) – Pen pencil tak hi churana FACE WITH COLON THREE
Secondly, hostel has 2 different Stationary shops that do provide Books, we’ve one Stationary in College and obviously 1 Library to save money!

Hostel Life at MUJ: Sports & Gym

All major Sports Are available at MUJ i.e. Football, Basketball, Badminton,Tennis,Squash,Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball etc. However Swimming Pool is not available as we are in Rajasthan. All these facilities are available both in Hostel Campus and College Campus. Indoor Games like Pool, Chess, etc.
We do have a Gym which is big. No idea about the pricing structure tho.

Hostel Life at MUJ: The Laundry

We have a few Laundry providers. One is in-house, and a few available outside.


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