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Most students these days plan their life much before they plan their education. Similarly, it is important to find out the opportunities after you choose your area of education. Graduation is not the be all, it however does play a major and very important role in shaping your professional career. Graduation should impart you with skills that are good enough to the standards of the industry you are interested to work in.

It is important to know what opportunities are available after graduation before joining a college or university. Campus placements are one of the parameters for most students to join college or university. Manipal University Jaipur is a relatively young university, operational since 2012, but in these 6 years, it has set a scorching pace in terms of producing good engineering students that have been placed at various reputed industry leaders across the disciplines.

I am writing this to solve all your queries regarding BTech placements at Manipal University Jaipur!

In India, placements seem to be the highest criteria of defining how good a college is. Though placements have major role in tracking the growth of the college, what I have learned in the past year is that placements is one of the most secondary things that will matter to you 4 years down the line. You people will enter college in 2018 but pass out in 2022, and 4 years is like a millennium in the rapidly developing technological world. One should choose a college for its curriculum, infrastructure in terms of facilities, lab, research culture, opportunities, etc. In 4 years, dynamics of the industry will change a lot and maybe a high demand field right now may be redundant later.

Also, your own thinking will change, many would apply for higher studies, many would not like engineering as a stream and opt to switch to doing MBA, etc.

So choose a branch you like, a branch that you see yourself living with the rest of your lives. MUJ has grown a lot in the past 8 years and at an incredible pace. And placements for such young college has been on par with the ‘industry standard’. More than 50 companies visit the campus ranging from IT industry to Core companies as well. Amazon, Appirio, SAP Lab, CSC, Asahi Glass, Kirloskar, Eagle Burgman, ST Microelectronics, Cruiseline shipping, JCB, Infineon, Temenos, Shree Cement, Everest Industries, Salucro, Xebia, Advanced Technology, Sasken Communication, Wipro Technologies etc are some of the renowned companies that have visited MUJ in the past. CSE IT obviously see better placements due to the boom in the industry in India. Mechanical, EEE, ECE also see healthy number of core companies coming to campus and the number of companies is ever growing. Proper figures is the right and responsibility of the College to convey to you, and I would recommend talking to the authorities for the same. So please choose a branch, not a college.

A college with great placements does not guarantee you your placement or successful future, your skill set and passion for the field makes your future successful.

The placements of ECE/ EE are not as good as those in CS/IT branches, but better than the rest, and they are definitely improving. And from what I’ve known this far, the faculty of ECE is pretty good here. The placements of ECE are average to good. A lot of software and core companies let ECE students sit for them, namely Capgemini, Sociate Generale, Sapient, Secure Meters, Edureka, Socotronics, SAP Labs, Cadence, Think n Learn, etc. Some companies like Capgemini offer 3-4 lpa, Think n Learn offers 8-9lpa, Secure Meters is a core company that is a regular recruiter that is increasing its offering every year. Last year it offered around 3-4lpa, this year it offered 4-5lpa. The placement scenes are good. Whoever prepares and sits for placements does get recruited eventually. And there is not much bias when ECE students sit for software companies. If your skills are good, you will get recruited.

The Mechatronics program at MUJ is very well defined and diversified. You’ll be exposed to the mechanical, electronics and electrical aspects of engineering. MUJ has an IEI affiliated Mechatronics Students Chapter and a student’s club for AI. Students of Mechatronics department have developed a 3D printer, Humanoid robot, Spider bot, tri-copter and many such fascinating projects under the guidance of the faculties. Also, there are 20+ startups incubated within the University.  In short, MUJ guarantees an overall development of the students. Average placements of Mechatronics are good.But your placement totally depends upon the hardwork you have done within 4 years of your bachelors.

How good are the placements at Manipal University Jaipur?

8-10 mass recruiters visit the campus. A fair amount of companies giving 4-6 lpa come. The number of companies offering >8 lpa is less. Around 25-30 companies visit the campus and these are the companies I know of(it may be more). The companies majorly come to offer the role of software developer or data analyst. The highest package that has been offered was to a student by Amazon. 26 lpa.

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