Manipal students float new political party; Name it BAAP

Amid the chants of slogan GLORY GLORY MANIPAL, the party president Aurobindo Khujliwal unveiled the party symbol 'Vacuum Cleaner'.

Fed up with government authorities turning a blind eye to the problems in Manipal, students of Manipal floated a political party to fight for their rights. The party was named BAAP (Bada Aadmi aur Auraton ka Party) and a final year student Aurobindo Khujliwal was unanimously elected as its first president.

Stating the vision of the party, party spokesperson Rushi Sharoor said, ” An international university town like Manipal needs good roads and better intra-town public transportation. Also there should be a mechanism to control exorbitant autofares and counterfeit goods. Our party will work to eradicate these problems along with other ones.”

Amid the chants of slogan glory glory manipal, the party president aurobindo khujliwal unveiled the party symbol 'vacuum cleaner'.
Amid The Chants Of Slogan Glory Glory Manipal, The Party President Aurobindo Khujliwal Unveiled The Party Symbol ‘Vacuum Cleaner’.

“We will work for the students and residents of Manipal. All are welcome to join our party,” he added.

When quizzed about the intention behind the name BAAP, he explained, ” We named it in such a way that people can interpret the party’s name as per their own convenience. In hindi ‘Bada’ means ‘big’ and in Kannada it is ‘poor’. We will work for people on both the sides of spectrum, hence the name.”

Amid the chants of slogan GLORY GLORY MANIPAL, the party president Aurobindo Khujliwal unveiled the party symbol ‘Vacuum Cleaner’.

We heard that the party is planning to launch a movement soon against ban of music in Manipal restaurants and pubs.

PS: All the facts mentioned in this article are made up. But, you already knew that. Didn’t you?

The author of this post wants to remain anonymous to avoid any political backlash from the auto-wallahs and student community.

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