Manipal Students Celebrate Holi with Festive Fervour

In what can only be the enterprising nature of students at Manipal, we at Manipal Blog have learnt that the festival of Holi was celebrated with great vigour in this University town tonight.

While the rest of the country was busy lighting diyas and bursting crackers, students in this two-square-mile town had nothing to do with it. The Manipal University had decided to do away with the annual fireworks show and celebrate a “Green Diwali”. They even chopped down a couple of trees near the Tiger Circle, to show how serious they were of celebrating a Green Diwali.

Heeding the call of the University, students did not burst a single cracker this year, and instead played Holi. The gods must have been please with the students this year as there was a continuous downpour of happy tears from the skies. There were a lot of selfie moments as well, what with the Thunder and Lightning show that began just as the festivities started.

The downpour continued till late at night and as this article is being typed, the lightning continues to appear in the western skies over this town.

A student of MIT Manipal, got on to twitter to complain that this year the Hostels have been very quiet and this has disturbed him a lot. Every year he was used to loud sounds in the corridors, exploding dustbins and broken windows, however, this year it has been awfully quiet. Being an engineering student this has made him lose faith in humanity.

Meanwhile, shops at Manipal and Udupi which wanted to sell crackers were taken by surprise when more and more students asked them for colors to spray on their friends.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that, didn’t you?


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