Top Ten Things to Do in Denver


Plenty, as it happens, as Colorado’s capital has lots of great visitor attractions both in the city and around the edges. Go further afield and you could drive the car into the Rocky Mountains and take in America’s Highest Road, or visit star-studded Aspen. But if you prefer to stick closer to the city, here are ten of the best things to do in Denver.

See the Denver Art Museum

If you see nothing else, take a look at the Art Museum’s collection of Native American art, the largest in the USA. There are also good collections of pre-Columbian art, European and Asian Art, and art of the American West.

Visit Denver’s Hippest Store

From music stars like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley to politicians such as Ronald Reagan, the Rockmount Store has kitted them all out in its fashionable western wear.

Go to the Colorado History Museum

Learn about the state and the city’s past at this fascinating and well-presented museum covering subjects like buffalo hunting, mining in the Rocky Mountains, and the development of Denver as a city. Some fantastic old photos really bring the past to life.

See the Black American West Museum

This fine little museum tells the proud story of the often forgotten role that African-Americans played in the building of the American West. There are extended opening hours during the Democratic Convention, and some special family-friendly activities laid on.

Visit the Colorado State Capitol

There are free tours Monday-Friday of the State Capitol building, and you can see the markers which show exactly where you’re a mile high in the Mile-High City.

Visit the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum

A short drive west of Denver on Lookout Mountain is the last resting place of an American legend, Buffalo Bill. A museum here also tells his life story, and all about other famous names from the Wild West. Denver grew out of all that, and the museum is a reminder of how recent it all was.

Take the Family to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

From Egyptian mummies to IMAX movies, from dinosaurs to a planetarium, this is one of the city’s top museums and voted top family attraction in Denver by the Zagat Family Travel Guide.

Dine at the Buckhorn Exchange

How many restaurants can brag that both Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull were customers of theirs? Well, Denver’s historic Buckhorn Exchange can. The food is meaty and mouth-watering, the atmosphere terrific, and it’s got to be high on the list of Denver’s best dining experiences.

Denver’s Downtown Aquarium

An aquarium in Denver, a mile high and in the middle of the country? Well, it’s the biggest aquarium between the east and west coasts and covers not only Colorado’s endangered river creatures but those around the world as well. There are birds and mammals that rely on water, even some swimming Sumatran tigers. Its broader approach makes it refreshingly different from most aquariums.

Finally, Have a Beer

Denver is the beer capital of the USA, the Napa Valley of beer, so follow the link in the title to find recommendations of the city’s best bars and many fine brewpubs.

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