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As I sit here jotting down notes and ideas while eating my protein bar, I reflect upon how I tried to stay healthy during that hectic time in life known as college. We’re thrown into a cluster of classes and disarray of scheduling. I know that running around replaces relaxation, and napping tends to take the place of a full night’s sleep. But, how does one keep up – or start upon – their good eating habits, which enables us to have energy and stay fit during those crucial years (of life)? Here are some wonderful tips.
First of all, the best dieting rule is always one of balance. That should be first and foremost on everyone’s mind. Any extreme type of weight watching is bad for you. Of course, you should watch your fats and sweets intakes, but having absolutely none of those will only make you crave that more. So opt for healthy alternatives.

For instance: fruit (dried and fresh), pumpkin or sunflower seeds, granola, yogurt, pretzels and nuts are portable, cheap and delicious, while providing lots of vitamins to help keep you energized and focused. You can get those pre-packaged, which are quicker, or make your own for cheaper with any ingredients that you really like.

Try mixing these:
dried cranberries, white grapes and walnuts. I always carried dry cereal in little sandwich bags too.
Next, we must be cognizant of the fact that fast food is not always cheaper, but will certainly be less healthy. Whatever happened to the beautiful simplicity of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? And I know that we all love snacks, so you can slap that crucial combination on crackers too.
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I recommend any with grains or whole wheat, as opposed to plain white. Now, if you take the average price of cold cuts and bread versus pre-made sandwiches, you’ll definitely save dough if make your own. Use your dormitory or kitchen power to wave a bowl of soup, and then add a side of crackers. You can top that with other things, like broiled chicken in already-made chicken soup. If you find the sodium content perturbing, you can always water that down.
Lastly, just some things you can do on your own to help wallets and waistlines. Invest in and bring around your own cup to drink out of; tea and honey are always needed, especially with the cold weather approaching. Actually, get two portable cups, one for cold drinks and the other for hot. Learn to love the inherent greatness of containers that carry leftovers.
That cheap box that easily holds a pound of pasta from last night can go a long way, and be tossed with
vegetables. If you have a bike or not, walk to the grocery store as often as possible. And finally, just drink water. Trust me, I’m as fervently addicted to caffeine as anyone, but if you cut out soda, I guarantee that you’ll just watch your pounds shed and wallet grow.

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  1. It's sad that people start taking care of their health only when it starts deteriorating. It's all about understanding the value of the incredible gift called 'life'.

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