Five useful tips for getting your grades back on track

Tips for your semester

Anybody can make blanket statements and tell you that there is a problem, but what you really need are some tips for staying focused all semester long. Hopefully, what we have to offer will get you started on – and keep you on– the right track.

1. Set aside time each day to study or tackle school assignments. Most students have a problem with this, because they will set aside a specific unit of time. For example, they will say that they are going to do school work from 3-5pm daily. A friend will ask them to go grab coffee one day during that time frame, they will say yes, and then the schedule is ruined. If you feel that is a problem, do not allot specific hours. Allot a specific amount of hours. Say that you will work for two hours a day, but not at a specific time. You will be able to make your daily schedule around your schoolwork hours.

2. Be organized. This step cannot be stressed enough. Part of the frustration of doing schoolwork comes from frantically running around trying to find your folders, assignments, books and so forth. You do not have to have everything labeled or anything like that, but just make sure that everything you need is on shelves, a desk or a book bag.


3. Ask questions in class.
Another frequent problem is that you get home to do an assignment, and you have no idea what you are supposed to do. Pay attention when the teacher is explaining the task in class, and ask questions if you do not understand what is happening. Doing so will prevent stress later on.

4. Look at the syllabus in advance. Give yourself due dates that are a day or two earlier than the actual due date. You might have difficulty with that first, due to the temptation to push it off, but at least give it a try. You will enjoy the extra time that you have off, while everyone else is scrambling to finish their work.

5. Do not dig a hole for yourself. It is so incredibly easy to “just” turn one assignment in late or skip out on doing an assignment “just once.” After you have done it one time though, it all begins to snowball. You will want to continue giving yourself breaks and not turning work in. Do not let the habit start and you will be fine.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to turn your semester around and to start future semesters with a fresh outlook

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