Give a Little

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You can’t receive unless you give. Does that sound like a strange statement to you? It is no stranger than the attitude of a number of students who come to Manipal with the idea of taking as much as they can get, and giving as little as possible in return.

The best example of this attitude can be found in the clubs on campus, of which better than 20 serve all interests. The membership in most of these clubs is low, the prime reason being the time and energy involved in belonging to them. Yet while these clubs are holding meetings, students who could join are in the Dog House complaining of the drabness, lack of spirit, and general lassitude of the student body.

Yet the very purpose of these clubs is to combat all of that, by creating and stimulating interest in its members. These clubs in turn contribute to the hustle and life of a campus. They are one of the sparkplugs on campus, and you are the spark. All you have to do is join one and give some time and effort, and you’ll be getting more satisfaction and enjoyment out of your college. You can’t get unless you give.

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