Manipal Celebrating India’s victory at expense of What???

When whole of Manipal was celebrating team India’s victory, there’s lot more that went unnoticed. A few of them are:

  • Ceiling of the Kamath Canteen collapsed. It’s closed since two days. Owners belong to middle class family and can’t afford to repair it on their own.

  • More than 200 litres of Milk and other dairy products were tossed in air. Poor driver has been weeping since it costs him a month’s salary. It was the only resource to feed him & his family.

  • One of the security guard(doberman) was pushed down by the students pouring out of the girls hostel, while he was latching the gate. He was admitted in hospital. His fault was nothing but doing his duty.

  • Two students became the victim of the speedy bikes running in the campus and were treated at the KMC (minor injuries).

Ask yourself, Is this the way we show our patriotism? Is this the way we love & respect our Mother India and it’s citizens?

If you have even a slightest feeling in some corner of your heart that it should not have happen and there are better ways to celebrate, there’s one thing you can do. Just spread this word. Hit the share button. Let everyone in Manipal know about it!

From: The MIT Student Council.


  1. All due respect to all these people and sorry for whatever damage we caused. But frankly, it was the BEST celebration EVER!!!!!!!!!!! It was CRAZYYYYYYY AND WE DANCED LIKE FANATICS!!! No way am i going to ever regret that! I am proud to say i was there in the middle of it all, that night.
    No offence and no hard feelings.
    We all bled blue that night.

  2. When I was there,I just saw bikes zooming in the midst of crowd.Never knew that some guys were injured.And I was told about this milk packets thing the next day.Regarding that ceiling collapse,will it collapse just because some 20-30 guys danced on it???Must be very old one.Time for new canteen over there..

    I,hereby,condemn the villain-like celebration of victory notched up by our heroes in strongest terms.Glad that I personally haven't caused any trouble to anyone———BATMAN

    That's great to hear.

  3. Hi,
    A good and informative post, but some of the points have been overhyped IMHO.
    1)The building probably belongs o the college, and even if not would be insured, so it would cause some issues, but its not like they would go hungry.(Considering that they renovated the place just a semester ago before the presidents visit, they would have insurance as well).
    2)200L is approx. = Rs 4000. While its sad that this happened, the college could do what it loves doing and fine each student Rs 1, pay this guy Rs 4000 and still have a profit.
    3)This I would blame on the new Chief warden RC, who has essentially triggered a war b/w students and guards. Since students outnumber guards, it is almost sure that guards would suffer(Though I would prefer that campus police and the professors who roam around with them suffer, but that's a different matter).
    4)Unlike what you had mentioned in 3), doesn't seem like they are doing the part of their job that actually matters, rather just the easier part. (Locking up girls in a hostel is after all easier that stopping automobiles from entering pedestrian zones, but which is more important? ensuring that adult's are locked up after 11PM, or ensuring that pedestrian areas remain pedestrian areas?)

    PS: kc canteen is back open, so they werent devastated

  4. @Medha
    That is easy to say when none of these people belonged to your family.

    I always looked up to you but not today. You are supposed to bring peace.


  5. @Robin

    I'd have sprung into action but I was depressed 'a bit' as Sachin failed to make his mark in the final.My apologies.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. It's great that all of us are looking forward to help the victims. That's like the real MIGHTY MITians ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a few facts:
    1. Ceiling was the canteen owner's liability. It was a artificial one (not meant for people to dance on it atleast :P)…, clearly the owners cant afford a solid one! Chief Warden has already got it repaired.

    2. The Milk driver actually wept infront of the Chief Warden. He stated the amount and will be reimbursed from the Chief Warden's pocket.

    3. Security guard wasn't allowing the girls to leave the hostels as it was already an hour past their perm time. Immediately(night) he was treated at KMC. If the girls are outside, none but he will be questioned.

    So we can't do anything as of now (donate etc). What can be done is, in MIT's next celebration, we enjoy, we have fun, but take care that we don't do it at the expense of something/one else!

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