Manipal Auto Drivers Cheat Students

Don't suffer in silence! Your silence is affecting others

Auto drivers, In Manipal cheating students by extremely overcharging them than the actual fare price fixed by the government which is “Rs. 25 for 1.9km” is a very common trend, Since the auto drivers “Do Not Turn On” their auto meters this leads to overcharging compared to the actual fare.

The minimum fare is fixed by the government & “AS PER THE LAW EVERY AUTO DRIVERS ARE SUPPOSED TO CHARGE AS PER THE METRE VALUE ONLY” But this unlawful event of not charging per the meter fare is a very common experience in Manipal.

Because of this students spend a lot of their money on overcharging auto rickshaws triple than the actual fare & “NOT ALL STUDENTS CAN AFFORD BEING OVERCHARGED”.

We all have been a mute spectator & have been tolerating this injustice & unlawful event but our silence towards it is severely affecting others life too.

I had experienced this since a year & was a mute spectator like all others, but today when the Cleaner AKKA of my hostel shared her grievance, that no auto drivers now charge her less than Rs. 50 to her home  (where the actual meter fare would be around Rs. 30) & SINCE THEY (akkas) DEMAND THE METER TO BE ON! “REFUSAL OF AUTO DRIVERS TO TAKE THEM AS CUSTOMERS HAS INCREASED DRASTICALLY” SINCE the auto drivers would face no loss by refusing the Locals as customers because auto drivers will easily get another customer who is a student & they can easily loot them much more, they do not hesitate in refusing locals as customers.

Cleaner Akka was telling about her suffering & she was literally in tears about the humiliation they feel!
SHE SAID SOME STUDENTS MAYBE ABLE TO AFFORD THIS & STUDENT’S ACCEPTANCE IS AN ENCOURAGEMENT TOWARDS THIS UNLAWFUL OVERCHARGING TREND WHICH IS INCREASING DAY BY DAY & IS AFFECTING THEM BADLY & because of all these they are now forced to spend double amount of their travel expenses “than before” & they cannot afford it!

P.S – Our silence towards the injustice & our trend of accepting this unlawful event is indirectly encouraging the Auto drivers & it is severely affecting others especially those who are from weaker socioeconomic sections may it be your classmate or localities?.

Any suggestions & guidance on what can be done to stop this unlawful event & to get the law in place is kindly requested. Don’t suffer in silence!

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