Manipal – A Small Town with a Big Heart

HastaShilpa Heritage Village Museum, Manipal
Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum, Manipal Photo: Niharika V Murthy

Somewhere in Karnataka, lies a small town. A student town, which is buzzing with youngsters that come together from across the world, with one collective ambition: growth. Everyone here wants to grow. To blossom. Even if it’s not the same kind of dream, which is probably what makes it even more unique, and while this town may be often thought to be somewhere up north, and its colleges may be mistakenly known as the second tier, there’s something about Manipal which makes it easy to call home.

With a rich cultural diversity and even richer biodiversity, Manipal makes a beautiful first impression. It’s one of the few towns in India that is full of greenery- and one of the fewer towns in India which provides its students with a real-life environment. At Manipal, “Inspired by Life” is an emotion . It’s something every student living here will feel at least once, whether it’s while walking back to the hostels after class, or while stopping under a tree to take shelter from the merciless rain. But that’s not where the inspiration stops. Inspiration is found in the very atmosphere here, an environment created with an enriching blend of Freedom and opportunity. Not only is Manipal a place where there is no judgement, it is a place where the sky is the limit. This is where you find your passion. This is where the chrysalis where you become a butterfly.

I’m not even talking only about career growth. I’m talking about personal growth. I’m talking about singing, dancing, writing, coding, stand up-comedy, whatever makes you feel like you have a place in this world. That’s something I think very few institutions can provide you- an environment which promotes professional and personal development without directly pressuring you or cajoling you into it.

Personally, although it’s been only a year since I’ve come here, this place feels mine. It feels like home. Manipal has allowed me to embark upon a beautiful journey, one wherein I can find my passion, meet some fantastic people from around the world and most importantly, a journey which will help me find my place in the world. After all, that’s all any of us want. To be at least a spot, on this big, blue dot? So I do mean this- if you ever feel like you need to find yourself, visit Manipal. This place can fix things you never even knew were broken.

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