‘Mangalore has low tsunami risk’……..

The risk of tsunami in Mangalore is low, K.R. Subrahmanya, former Chairman, Department of Marine Geology, Mangalore University, has said. He was speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines of a two-day seminar on “Coastal hazards, resources and management” organised by the department at Mangalagangotri on Friday.“Mangalore is at low risk, provided we do not interfere too much, which means we should not build too many seawalls, harbours and jetties. Mangalore is at low risk because the land here is gradually rising at a rate of 1 to 1.5 mm a year whereas other parts of the globe are facing a rising sea-level,” he said.The movement of the Indian landmass northward was being limited by the Himalayas, and therefore, there was a “buckling” of the landmass horizontally, along a line from Mulky to the Pulicat Lake. “On a scale of 10, Mangalore gets 1 or 2 marks for its vulnerability to a tsunami. Also, Tannirbhavi is not prone to a threat though southern Ullal is under threat,” he said giving Ullal 8 or 9 marks out of 10 for vulnerability. At the inaugural session of the seminar, T.C. Shivashankara Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University, said that trying to map areas susceptible to tsunamis was a laudable effort. An effort must be made to preserve and protect the coastal areas.
Among all the chaos , do we have a reason to smile 🙂

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