Managing Stress

Stress can come from work.Factors that contribute to stress are mood, anxiety, or tension. High blood pressure can result from too much stress. Hyper-tension is a form of stress. To eliminate stress, do work that is tolerable on your body. Don’t lift up heavy objects, especially in hot weather. This can strain the heart. Enjoy relaxing in a pool or steam bath after a hard day’s work. If you are working outside, carry a radio to play music. Music is very therapeutic. Studies show that listening to classical music changes brain waves so you may feel aggravation on a lesser level.

Petting an animal can alleviate stress. People with heart conditions are known to get better when they pet their cat or dog. Animals are healers. What happens when you talk to a bird and it talks back to you? You may experience a good mood change and feel less anxious about the things in your life that are causing a great deal of stress. It’s a lot like taking medicine. Pets cannot replace certain drugs but they can aid in that department

Medications like anti-depressants or sleeping pills can help to calm the nerves but they shouldn’t be taken over long periods of time. Terrible addictions have caused people to become hostile and even commit suicide. Drugs can temporarily relieve stress but natural solutions are key to recovering from high stress. Pet an animal, listen to music, and just relax.

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