When the darkness scares you no more,
Be scared.
When the only light you can see is from below a closed door,
Be scared.
Scared to the point of uncontrollable desolation
And your limbs are overtaken by the inertia of inaction.

Take the plunge into the unknown
Of your own will.
Soak in the calm of being alone
And drown in the high of the little blue pill.
Maybe tomorrow is a better day to kick the habit,
Though you know you do not crave it.

Now its been three days
Since your last hit.
Following the prescribed
Way for three days to stay fit.
Shaky hands stuffed deep in pockets,
Fight your dry mouth as you swallow once, again and thrice,
Shake your head and try to forget
The sunny needles through your eyes.

Then down some dark alley of Friendship,
A man called Crossroads offers you a hit.
One drag and it all comes cascading back.
Who needs the light when you have you crack?
Again the confounding darkness and narrow sliver of light,
You never realize it is just that your bloody eyes that are open a crack
And it’s not your conscience trying to show you the way that is right!!!

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