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Anxiety, depression, and stress are the most prominent forms of mental health disorders that are affecting mental peace for people in today’s society. Of course, modern medical techniques simplify the diagnosis of many conditions, and consequently, there are many more cases of mental health disorders discovered today, than there were in past times. Nevertheless, the hustle and bustle of modern-day living are exerting enormous pressure on the mental health of members of today’s society.

Past generations did not experience such a high percentage of mental issues, compared to the number of those diagnosed today. The lifestyle changes associated with modern living, change in the work-life balance due to the recent developments such as the coronavirus pandemic, has pressured people beyond imagination. Many have lost their jobs and stressed about their next. The effect of these factors on the mental peace of the individuals affected cannot be assessed.

Several recent studies show that children cooped at home for long periods without human exposure show increased bouts of anxiety and depression.  NIMH reports indicate that about 5 percent of children in North America suffer from bouts of depression. This figure rises to around 8 percent for the number of teenagers who are suffering from anxiety and depression. This situation is not much different for teenagers and adults, with the added problem of livelihood and stress.  According to the National Institute for Mental Health, about 26 percent of Americans aged over 18 years are diagnosed with a mental disorder every year.

Unbridled competition in every aspect of our lives has reduced the harmony associated with community-based lifestyles of the past. This community-based lifestyle, which persists in many of our rural settings, provided much-needed relief from stress and anxiety.

Online Counselors can help with most mental health issues plaguing modern societies. Identifying mental health problems early and nipping it at the early stages can help prevent long-lasting disability and give mental peace to the sufferers. The team at BetterHelp can guide you as you choose the right online counseling services for you, which will not add a strain to your pockets. Online counseling can be a low-cost remedy to help you tide through the difficult times we are going through.

Stress, is the main factor in the development of emotional mental health issues that affect most people these days. Personal physical fitness also has a bearing on an individual’s ability to handle stress and cope with anxiety or depression. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and normal sleep patterns are all needed to support a healthy mental outlook. Even our environmental surroundings can contribute to bouts of depression. Depression is related to a feeling of hopelessness, where there seems to be no satisfactory solution to one’s dilemma. Anxiety is fear of the unknown, and both of these conditions can be brought about by a stressful situation, where all roads appear to lead nowhere.

There are many mental health issues plaguing humankind in these modern times, and some appear to be trivial, while others are extremely serious. However, the smallest matter can be severe for the person involved and should be professionally treated in its early stages before it becomes an insurmountable mental health problem.

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