Lover’s Quarrel


Lover's quarrel 1Returning from his office at 6, he found the house silent. Yet, he could sense her presence in the house . The atmosphere inside the home was dull, perhaps the result of the early morning fight ,  prior to his leaving for office. The issue wasn’t resolved yet, he knew that much.  The first year after the grand wedding, was quite pleasant, and there were hardly any disagreements between them. These skirmishes started just after their wedding anniversary, it was the new battle of egos which both had to tackle till one gave up. While, they were not serious in nature, they did add to the spice in their love life.

When one is well-adjusted with the partner, he/she can sense from the ambience in the house, the exact mood of the other. The house at this point of time, told him of the simmering discontent in his partner.  So he was sure that the fight wasn’t yet resolved, and one of them was to give up.  And he was also sure, like any god-fearing husband that, conditions would be created to make him give up, giving her the satisfaction of winning this little tiff.  Today though, he was in no mood of giving up so easily.

Taking a deep breath of anticipation, he entered the house, ready for their little war-game. She too, knew him well by now, was fully ready for this game. She allowed him to enter the house and change into something simpler for the evening. Not speaking even a single syllable, she prepared the evening tea and served it on the teapoy, as he made himself comfortable in front of the Television set.

The tea is extra-sweet, just as he likes it, with a generous amount of milk. The first sip fills his senses, reminding him that he has judged her mood perfectly and that the events are unfolding to a plan. He also notes that, she has the same tea in her cup, even though she hates the extra-sugar and milk. She is having the same tea, reminding him of how much she is sacrificing for his sake. Will that be enough to resolve the impasse between them? No, he’s not ready to give up so easily. Yet.

What was the reason for this impasse? He tried to recollect. Men are after all men! He’d forgotten all about the reason for the fight, yet he remembered that they did argue about something.  Ah! yes, the dress code! He was in a hurry that morning and had picked up whatever it was that he could lay his hands on. A pin-striped shirt and a checkered trouser! Yes, she did not like that, and that was reason enough for the argument that ensued. His haste fuelled his anger further and the  argument lasted for some time, before he left for work.  He realises now, he does not want to win the fight, just drag it on for some more time.

She was observing him silently as he contemplated the events of the morning. The sweet tea and the extra load of milk were having the effect she intended, she noticed the slow relaxation of the muscles, his expression changing into a mix of satisfaction and pleasure. She knew, the tea wouldn’t suffice for what she wanted him to say. She was a woman and as a woman, she was always right.  She wanted him to apologize for the argument in the morning. Wasn’t he her husband? How could he be wearing something so shabby to work? Pin-Stripes on Checkers!! Was he out of his senses? That was certainly something to be angry about! She was determined to prove her point this time. Time to unfold the next part of her plan. She silently and with a very determined affect, got up and left the living room.

He had been in relationship with her for a good period of time now and had been observing the changes on her face, and knew exactly what was going through her mind. He was sure that, she would now begin stage-2 of her plan for the evening. He was excited and curious as to learn the way she would prove her point. Past arguments had shown that she was very skilful at finding novel and unorthodox methods to make him understand his follies. When she left the living room, he wondered what she was up to this time! He rubbed his hands mentally in anticipation. 

He did not have to wait for long though. She returned to the living room, garishly dressed, a nightshirt was covered by a dark-blue blazer, the trousers had the maple leaves of Canada printed on them, her hair was uncombed and face had a heavy dose of makeup applied to it.  She had a shopping bag in her hand, and the her feet were covered by two different sets of footwear. She pleasantly called out to him to get ready to go out for some shopping. There was no hint of sarcasm in her voice and it appeared as though she was dead serious.

He was dumbstruck at the apparition that stood before him. He was left with no other option, he tumbled out of his perch on the sofa and on to the floor, rolling around as he tried to control his laughter. She waited patiently for him to come back to his senses and his breathing to return to normal. She patiently waited as he finally apologised to him and promised her that he would consult her before putting on anything before going to work. She waited patiently as he, washed off the make up of her face and the fluorescent multicolored nails. And then she hugged him.

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  1. too good Vishaal. Although  i am not so good at picking up grammar mistakes, well the story indeed is  like a small shot of expresso coffee:) keep it up.

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