Love is still a Wonderful Thing

In this world and age, does Love still play a role in our lives or has it taken a back seat to the God of all things – Money.

For my part at least, there is no better proof that Love triumphs over Money than in the presence of one person – my Wife.

An Arabian Night’s story told of a Maharaja (the King) who was so bored with his life that he conducted a competition to find someone who could tickle his funny bones and awaken his sleeping mojo.

Unfortunately, having had everything one could have, nobody who entered the tournament could come up with anything that could stimulate the Maharaja’s mojo from its long slumber.

Until a little girl comes along and said, “Your Majesty have had everything you desire but yet have lost sight of all that makes life worthwhile. Wrap in all your riches you have forgotten what it feels like to watch the little things in life. The ants as they work tirelessly. The tiny veins of the leaves that branches out in infinite numbers. The sun setting leisurely each passing day.”

“Though these things happened around you every single day, your gold and ceremonies has hid them from you.”

“To feel alive again you need only have to let go of the bigger things just for a short while and embrace the small things that will enrich your soul and put meaning back to your life”

Now that’s one smart kid. How’d she learn to talk so well? Obviously being a kid, she could be forgiven for not knowing it was a tickle-my-funny-bone contest. Her long narration, while not quite touching the Maharaja’s mojo, did cause him pause. And as he paused longer, he wasn’t that bright a Maharaja, it finally sank on him that the kid had a point. He slowly shook his head, smiled at the little girl, and had her imprisoned for failing to observe the competition rules.

Ahem. Well the moral of the story is not about the little girl – so forget about her. Lets focus on the Maharaja. Although I’m not a Maharaja, and “destitute” is a better description of my financial situation than “rich”, I do feel that I’ve lost touch with those simple things in life, busy as I am with the day-to-day strive for survival.

And nothing is more simple and meaningful to me than the love of one person – my wife.

Without realizing it, working 9 to 6 day after day, has left a deep and lasting mark on me. The routine of work has often left me drained, too tired to see that life is not all about work – far from it. It’s about finding and sharing special moments with your loved ones even if they were for just a brief span of time.

It takes the love and understanding of a loving wife to pull me out, breath, and nourish me back to meaningful living again.

To think that this wonderful person who wants to spend her whole life with me, could have had a better career and wealth had she not been a part of my life.

That is such an awesome display of humanity untouched by material needs that it forces me every now and then to wake up and smell the roses that has been handed down to me.

I am grateful to say the least.

And I hope that in some small way I could return the precious gift not only to her but to life itself which she seems to be so intricately connected to.

The answer then to the Maharaja’s dilemma, is to find himself a loving wife. OR in his case perhaps, tons of wives and/or mistresses. But don’t tell my wife I said that.

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