Igatpuri – A Magical place for pure Bliss

Some days of planning, and finally a road-trip was in store with my best buddies. We set up for a place which had a very small mention in tourist books. But hey,who cares?

All we needed was a weekend escape from all the noise and the pseudo-civilization! Living in a metro can surely suck your blood sometimes! It was time for an escape.

The Road to Igatpuri makes driving a bliss… we met a herd of sheep that were following lane discipline!
Igatpuri Road
The NH-3 Mumbai Agra road, the drive through this route was awesome with lush greens on both sides.

About 144 kms from Mumbai, Igatpuri transports you to all-together a different world. Igatpuri is a great place to go if you like to do nothing but just trekking. There is nothing else to do, just greenery and hilly terrain, and some lakes. A world that sits right in the lap of mother nature, a world having almost zero civilization, a world which u see in fairy tales perhaps!

The journey took about 3.5 hours on the Mumbai-Nasik highway(NH-3), which by the way without doubt the most beautiful stretch of road I have ever seen in India. Sitting on the window frame of the car, sticking my head out and enjoying the greenery all around just can’t be described in words!

Igatpuri in Monsoons
Best time to visit this mystique town is from June to Sept when natures beauty is at its peak.
Tringalwadi Lake, Igatpuri
Our Car takes a break to enjoy the blissful serenity of Tringalwadi Lake near Igatpuri

I remember during childhood days, we used to paint a scene on a canvas, which typically had  lush green, perfectly symmetrical mountains with a river running in between them. Igatpuri is a page straight out of that!

Igatpuri, Lake, Mountain and Mist
Somewhere on the road. Patches of green begin. A Restless Camera yearns to have a piece of the action.

The shades of green on the hills are so pure, so much similar to our childhood canvas! The place is so peaceful, all you’ll want is a cup of coffee. Just sit on the hills and relax. There is a high chance your phone won’t disturb you, thanks to the poor cellular signals. Sometimes it can be bliss! The Ghats are simply mind blowing.

Green… green…. it is magical out here in Igatpuri. Could give Manipal a run for its money!!
Igatpuri Town view
In small towns,everyone is just a phone call or shout away. You may not be able to make a phone call in Igatpuri though as the mobile towers are sparse and network a bit on the poorer side!
Camel Valley at Igatpuri. A sudden depth of 1000 ft out of nowhere! Igatpuri is a great place to go if you like to do nothing but just trekking.

Waterfalls add spice to this place. Ice-cold water running through the hills is simply heaven.

A waterfall at Igatpuri. There was less water due to not enough rains so early in the Monsoon season!
A closer look at the top tier of this waterfall in Igatpuri!
A river flows along Igatpuri and sitting by its side, one can get lost in contemplating about Life!
Igatpuri Trekking
With not another person for miles around, we boys did what we do best, Monkey Around!
Trying to touch the clouds at Igatpuri! Surprisingly it was not that difficult, considering it is at an altitude of 1900 Ft!
This Igatpuri cow gave us company for a while, but soon got bored and decided to ruminate for a while!

With a very minimal trace of civilization, once you are on the top of the hills, you’ll feel so contended. So full of life. And a little shower can make your life blissful here! It will bring back all the childhood memories, that you wish to relive!

Pure Bliss – at Igatpuri!

Just two words for this place-Magical, Bella!

Another view of Tringalwadi Lake at Igatpuri!

Igatpuri is not by any means a fully developed tourist spot. This place has huge potential to be a great tourism spot, but thankfully it is miles away from any mindless construction that may ruin all the beauty and serenity of this place.

How to get there:

  • Location: Igatpuri is 120 kms from Mumbai and 45km from Nasik
  • How to reach:
    • By Train: Igatpuri has a railway station and trains playing between Mumbai and Nasik stop here.
    • By Road:
      • Driving directions: Igatpuri is on NH3 (Mumbai-Agra highway).
      • Buses playing between Mumbai and Nasik stop at Igatpuri.
    • By Air: Nearest airport Nasik’s Ozar Airport which is 65kms from Igatpuri. But Mumbai airport at 135km has better connectivity
  • Accommodation: As a visitor, you can find decent lodges in Igatpuri at nominal rates.

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