Love is … A Collection of Love Quotes

Love is God and God is love.
Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problems of human existence.
Love is an art.

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Vintage 1944 photo: Chalk Valentine Hearts - Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) | Photo courtesy of Galt Museum & Archives on The Commons, photo taken 14 February 1944

Love is learned by experience.
Love comes with time and understanding Love comes from within.
Love is a feeling of sensation and mental satisfaction.
Love is a pleasant misunderstanding between two fools.
Love is completely independent of the feelings of the one being loved.
Love can be for someone or something that doesn’t even exist.
Love is humans only instinct.
Love is long suffering.
Love is kind.
Love is not puffed up.
Love is not lust.
Love not evil.
Love abides all.
Love is never with end.
Love is learned in steps and time.
love is physical mental and above all spiritual.
Love is a mental attitude towards someone else.
Love is mysterious and fascinating.

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