Taking friendship lightly is too easy

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I don’t really know why, but we all do it, including myself. ‘You’re wondering what?’ Your reaction when I tell you will probably be, “No not me. I don’t do that.” But, yes we all take for granted our friends.
We can go for weeks, sometimes even months, without talking to them and just assume that they will be there when we need something. A lot of times close friends will move out of town or go away to college and we can’t be bothered to write them a short note just to say hi! ” If they moved far, than a phone call is too expensive, yet we won’t hesitate to buy that new dress we don t really need”.

This has been on my mind since a good friend of mine from high school called recently. We talked for awhile and made definite plans to get together Of course, those plans fell through and I haven’t talked to her since. One of my friends who lives away at college wrote me a letter back in September and do you think I’ve taken the time to write back or even call. Not even! My schedule doesn’t permit enough time.
I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who has run across the busy schedule problem. Recently one of my closest friends got a new job and all of a sudden we stopped calling each other. When we did phone, he wasn’t home or vice versa. For three weeks we didn’t talk. By this time rumors had started that we were in a fight and that I was talking behind his back and that he was mad because of it and also he was jealous for some dumb reason. After everything that was being said, we both got really mad. Our friendship could have ended there if we would have assumed that what was being said was true I didn’t take anything for granted this time. I was mad enough to call him and find out about the whole mess. It turned out that everything wasn’t true and things were okay.
The whole situation finally made me realize that a friendship is a precious thing and shouldn’t be taken for granted Good, solid friendships are hard to find, so when we do have one, we shouldn’t let it slip away by putting off until later to call or write. Even if it does cost us a few pennies or some T. V. time watching, we should find time for all our loved ones. Think about it. When was the last time you “reached out and touched someone ” It doesn’t have to be a lost Friend! It could be your distant brother from another town. You never know, you could renew an old friendship you thought you lost.


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