The world’s most comic CEO.

You might have seen owners of particular companies showing off their idiosyncrasies in Iron Man 2. And you might have thought, ‘Hell, does this really happen?’. Well, not exactly with people making arms but let’s take Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation. Well, he for instance takes his company and his own dignity very seriously. And apparently, the world loves him. ‘Steve Ballmer is prone to spurts of hyperactivity’, or so says the oh-so-awesome Oh, yeah.

Just for the record, you might want to just wait and look at the picture. Yes, it shall move. No kidding. 

Here are some videos of Steve Ballmer doing what he does best. The picture might have given you a hint. 

And now, if you haven’t yet died of laughter, another piece of a similar event…oh, and this one is not deficit of its share of music. You’ll see.

Oh, and here’s another one. It seems Mr. Ballmer ran out of his sleeping pills in this one. Somebody SEDATE HIM!

Oh, and a sweet little slideshow. Not to forget hilarious too!

For more details (PG-13, of course. It is Uncyclopedia!), please check THIS LINK.

Signing off with an enormous laughter induced gut-pain,
TAditya Kamath

P.S. Video courtesy: Parikshit Misra.
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