Letter Writing…is it an extinct art now?




All my school days I spent wondering why do the English teachers make us write so many letters and that to on boring topics. I always wished to write love letters but had no body to write to.

The time of telegram has passed by and now when all the conversations take place on technology which has sadly become a part of our day to day life without which we feel incomplete.

When I was in the boarding school my teacher would bring papers for us to write on every month, we were given the permission to write to our loved ones.

That was my first experience of writing a personal letter, I noticed how I started to open up on the paper for words which never happened to come out of my mouth, I could express them on paper and I would do my best to fit in all my sorrows of being in a hostel far away from my family into one little paper we were provided.

As time passed by I tried to write more often as I knew while I wrote I vented out all my fears and expressed my love for my family more than ever. My father would be surprised after he got letters from me telling me that they were very expressive and thanked me for writing to him.




It has been so long since I have written a letter, yes I am also one of the victims of accessible internet and technology brewing up the comfortable lifestyle we all seem to have incorporated into our lives.

To wonder when was the last time you wrote a letter with a pen to someone?

Has technology really taken over the art of writing a hand written letter that expresses the emotions sometimes better than words spoken?

The feeling of having something that belongs to the person who is miles away from you, knowing that the person has touched the paper and its their handwriting and that the moment seizes with immense pleasure which a mere email cant express.

Writing or receiving a letter has its own charm and it gives a feeling of importance to the person receiving it.

How many times have we felt left out or depressed or just lonely in spite of having so many friends around us? I have experienced myself opening up to writing and enjoying myself in the art of writing to someone you know who is so far away in some other continent can reciprocate my feelings. Its the feeling of knowing that you are safe and your confidence of confiding in someone is restored.

The memories that are kept intact with all the passing years in the form of letters from your loved ones is a treasure for life when all the feelings die off, when all the faith drained, when all that is left is to surrender onto the memories which bring you back to life.

Its an attempt of mine to encourage all of you to write a letter and express those words of gratitude or love or apology or just send a simple letter to that person who you haven’t seen in years and are still thinking of them.

Write a letter and experience the warmth and the feeling of togetherness when you receive one back from the person you wrote to.

Thank you for reading my article. 🙂

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